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Noise Pollution Impact And Mitigation

Noise Pollution Impact And Mitigation

Author:- Pillai, Michael Vimal

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Book Description

Noise pollution is characterized as sound that is unpleasant and disturbing. Noise has become a major cause of environmental pollution in addition to water and air, in the present era. Some sources of noise pollution are: industry, traffic, wind turbines and mining. Noise pollution has a far reaching impact and is a menace to health and greatly influences the physiology and vitality of living beings. Inanimate objects also get affected by noise to a great extent. Approaches to reduce environmental noise pollution include the application of engineering to design equipments, enforcing legal measures, and providing education and information. Some ways of reducing the effects of noise pollution are: planting sufficient number of trees to help in decreasing the sound levels; strict adherence to traffic rules and avoiding unnecessary use of horns; designing noise prone areas of buildings by incorporating insulation in the walls, ceilings and floors. The book explains the impact of noise pollution. Some ways of reducing and managing noise pollution have also been presented. The book is divided into two sections: 'Impact on Life and Society'; and 'Mitigation and Management'.

Details of Noise Pollution Impact And Mitigation

Noise Pollution Impact And Mitigation
Pillai, Michael Vimal
Icfai University Press
450 gram

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